Gaining Access to the JCK

The Java Compatibility Kit (a.k.a. JCK or TCK for Java SE) is available to developers who are planning to deploy a compatible Java implementation based on code derived from OpenJDK, or are participating in OpenJDK research, bug fixes, code enhancement and/or ports to other hardware/software architectures. The JCK is made available under the terms of the OpenJDK Community TCK License Agreement (OCTLA). There is a Java SE 9 (or later) (OCTLA JDK 9 V 3.0) specific OCTLA License. Please contact oracle-ca_us [at] oracle [dot] com for any questions about availability.


To obtain access to the JCK, please follow this process:

Requirements for JCK access

Note: Signing the OCA does not require that you provide any code back to Oracle or OpenJDK, however, it is mutually beneficial to all parties if relevant patches are shared throughout the OpenJDK community. Signing the OCA makes it possible for you to contribute your patches to OpenJDK.


Support for the JCK will be limited and handled primarily through a private mailing list shared by Oracle and all OCTLA licensees. If you are planning to do a wide distribution of compatible implementations and are interested in branding, other services may also be made available through Oracle's licensee support organization.

If you have any questions for Oracle regarding your request for JCK access, please e-mail oracle-ca_us [at] oracle [dot] com.