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The JavaTM Compatibility Kit (JCK) is a portable, configurable automated test suite. As such, it requires preparation and study prior to execution.

Java technology licensees can create Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) software components for their own platforms by following the Java Community ProcessSM (JCPSM) program specifications. To ensure that your products comply with the Java specifications, Sun developed the JCK.

This manual describes how to use JCK 6b to test your implementation of the Java platform. It details the certification procedure, the components of the test suite, and the specifics of configuring the JavaTestTM harness for specific portions of the test suite.

In most cases, you cannot unpack JCK 6b and immediately run tests. Depending on your test environment, you might be required to configure a system to be a server for the JavaTest harness or to configure one or more systems for networking tests. Before running the JCK tests, you must understand how to use the JavaTest harness to configure and run tests. JCK 6b provides a tutorial and sample tests suites that you can use to become familiar with using the JavaTest harness to configure and run tests on an existing Java platform reference implementation.

See Appendix D for detailed information about running the tutorial and sample tests. After you are familiar with using the JavaTest harness to configure and run tests, you can use JCK 6b to test your target system.

Before You Read This Guide

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the Java programming language and with running Java technology applications on at least one platform implementation. You must also understand how to configure the JavaTest harness and the computer system used in testing. See Related Documentation for a list of the JavaTest harness user documents.

How This Guide Is Organized

  • Chapter 1 introduces JCK 6b, explains the purpose of conformance testing, and describes how to obtain JCK 6b.

  • Chapter 2 describes the procedures and requirements for certifying your software.

  • Chapter 3 describes how to install JCK 6b and provides JCK 6b release information.

  • Chapter 4 describes how to start running JCK 6b tests using the JavaTest harness.

  • Chapter 5 contains setup and runtime information about specific tests.

  • Chapter 6 provides information and guidance about debugging test problems.

  • Chapter 7 describes how to run the JavaTest agent with limited resources.

  • Appendix A contains the JCK test specification that provides detailed information about the test description and the execution models.

  • Appendix B contains platform-specific examples.

  • Appendix C contains an example of setting up a Kerberos Key Distribution Center.

  • Appendix D contains a tutorial that you can use to familiarize yourself with the JavaTest harness before running the JCK 6b test suite.

UNIX® Platform Commands

This document does not contain information about basic UNIX platform commands and procedures such as shutting down the system, booting the system, and configuring devices.

See one or more of the following for this information:

  • Solaris Handbook for Sun Peripherals

  • AnswerBook2TM software online documentation for the SolarisTM Operating System

  • Other software documentation that you received with your system

Typographic Conventions

This User's Guide uses the following typographic conventions:

Table P-1 Typographic Conventions





The names of commands, files, and directories, and onscreen computer output

Edit your .login file.

Use ls -a to list all files.

% You have mail.


What you type, when contrasted with onscreen computer output

% su



Book titles, new words or terms, and terms to be emphasized

Read Chapter 6 in the User's Guide.

These are called class options.

You must be superuser to do this.


Command-line variable; replace with a real name or value.

To delete a file, type rm filename..

Shell Prompts in Command Examples

Examples in this User's Guide might contain the following shell prompts:

Table P-2 Shell Prompts



C shell


C shell for superuser


Bourne shell and Korn shell


Bourne shell and Korn shell for superuser


Related Documentation

When installed, JCK 6b includes a doc directory that contains both JCK 6b and JavaTest harness documentation in PDF and HTML format.

Table P-3 Related Documentation Titles



JavaTest harness

JavaTest Harness User's Guide: Graphical User Interface

JavaTest Harness User's Guide: Command-Line Interface

JavaTest Harness Agent User's Guide

Programming Reference

The Java Programming Language

Programming Reference

The Java Language Specification

Accessing Sun Documentation Online

The Java Developer ConnectionSM web site enables you to access Java platform technical documentation.

Sun Welcomes Your Comments

Sun is interested in improving its documentation and welcomes your comments and suggestions. You can email your comments to Sun at

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