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Chapter 3


This chapter contains instructions for installing the JCK 6b test suites.

3.1 Delivery

JCK 6b is delivered in three Java Archive (JARTM) files that can be found at the licensee web site. Each of the JAR files contains a full test suite (compiler, runtime, and devtools) and a complete set of JCK documentation and tools.

In addition to the full test suites, JCK 6b provides sample compiler, runtime, and devtools test suites to aid you in configuring and testing your system before running the full test suites. The sample test suites contain actual JCK 6b tests, but the number of included tests is significantly reduced.

3.2 Installing JCK Test Suites

The JCK 6b products are shipped in self-executing .jar files.

To install JCK 6b test suites, execute the .jar files from the command line. The JCK test suites can also be manually unpacked and installed.

If you are testing on a Win32 platform, use either a FAT32 or NTFS file system when possible.

Note - Be sure to use the corresponding JDK software for the JCK version that you are installing.

You might need to install JCK 6b on a stable platform and use the JavaTest harness agent to run the tests on your target platform. See Chapter 4 to determine if this is the required configuration for your test environment.

Command Line Installation

  • Execute the following command:

    java -jar PATH-TO-JCK-JAR options [-o outputdir]

    The following descriptions are provided for the installation command:

    • java — Java SE platform reference implementation.

    • PATH-TO-JCK-JAR — The path of the JCK 6b JAR file to install.

    • options — Unless a user specifies options, the default behavior installs JCK 6b in verbose mode (writes the file names it is installing to standard out) into the current directory. The installation utility accepts the following options:

      • -q — Installs JCK 6b in quiet mode.

      • -l — Prints a list to standard output of what would be installed without installing.

      • -install shell_scripts — Installs executable scripts (in UNIX shell format) that run tests from command line. One script is provided for each test.

      • -onError mode — Sets the mode of sensitivity that the installer has to errors.

        The -onError option instructs the installer on what to do when it encounters an error while installing JCK 6b. This option has three valid modes:

        • ignore — Instructs the installer to ignore any errors and continue installation.

        • report — Instructs the installer to continue with the installation but report any errors when the installation is completed.

        • fail — Instructs the installer to stop installation once an error is encountered.

      • -usage — Prints a usage message to standard out and exits (not listed as an option in the usage message).

      • -help — Prints a usage message to standard out and exits (not listed as an option in the usage message).

    • [-o outputdir] — Installs JCK 6b into the directory represented by outputdir.

Manual Installation

  1. Unzip all the data *.zip files from the product JAR files into a temporary directory.

    The product JAR files contain the following elements:

    • ./com/sun/jck/utils/installer directory contains the Java class library used by the installer.

    • ./META-INF directory contains the manifest file for the JAR file.

    • One or more data *.zip files contain the JCK product.

    • Copyright file.

  2. Unzip the data *.zip files from the temporary directory into the directory in which you want the JCK 6b product to reside.

3.2.1 Directories and Files

Table 3-1 describes the directories and files contained in each JCK 6b test suite.

Table 3-1 JCK Test Suite Files and Directories

Directory or File



Copyright for the JavaTest harness online documentation.


Copyright for the JCK 6b online documentation.



Information required to install JCK 6b on a system.


JCK build information.


Copyright for the JCK 6b files.


Links to the contents of the JCK 6b installation.



Latest information and any changes from the previous JCK release.


JavaTest harness resource information for the test suite.


Class files for the JCK 6b tests.


Precompiled test files for the JCK.


Class files for the JCK related test frameworks libraries.


Documentation for tests and tools.


JCK 6b documentation.


JavaTest harness documentation and tutorials.


JCK .jtx and javatest.jar files.


JAR files that extend a platform being tested.


Special locale providers for testing the Pluggable Locales functionality.


The JavaTest harness application JAR file. This file must be specified in the CLASSPATH shell environment variable to start the JavaTest harness.


List of excluded tests that licensees are not required to pass.


JavaTest harness resource files used for running the harness on Linux platforms.



Template files for configuring a test platform.


JavaTest harness resource files used for running the harness on Solaris platforms.



Template files for configuring a test platform.


JavaTest harness script, command sources, and samples.


Sources for JCK 6b test framework libraries.


Test program sources (.java, .jasm, .jcod) and test description (.html) files.

Also referred to as RootDIR.


  • jck/tests/api

  • jck/tests/lang

  • jck/tests/vm

  • jck/tests/xml_schema

  • API tests

  • Language specification tests

  • Interpreter tests

  • Tests based on W3C XML Schema Test Suite

  • If you installed the scripts for running single tests, each test source folder will contain <test_name>.sh files.


  • jck/tests/api

  • jck/tests/lang

  • API tests

  • Language specification tests

  • If you installed the scripts for running single tests, each test source folder will contain <test_name>.sh files.


  • jck/tests/java2schema

  • jck/tests/jaxws

  • jck/tests/schema2java

  • jck/tests/schema_bind

  • jck/tests/xml_schema

  • Java to Schema mapping tests

  • JAX-WS tests

  • Schema to Java mapping tests

  • Schema binding tests

  • Tests based on W3C XML Schema Test Suite


JCK 6b test suite root index page.


JavaTest harness resource files used for running the harness on Windows platforms.



Template files for configuring a test platform.

3.3 Release Notes

Once you install JCK 6b, read the release notes (jck/releaseNotes-JCK.txt or jck/releaseNotes-JCK.html). This is the most current set of notes on the release and tracks the major changes between releases. This file contains last-minute changes or supplementary instructions.

Online versions of the release notes are provided in the JavaTest harness. This documentation can be displayed in the JavaTest harness by choosing it from the JavaTest harness Help menu.

3.4 Accessing User Documentation

JCK 6b user documentation is provided in three formats:

  • PDF — Acrobat Reader is required to view the documentation in this format.

  • HTML — Use any web browser to view the documentation in this format.

  • JavaHelpTM tool — Use the JavaTest harness Help menu to display this documentation in the JavaTest harness.

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