Java Compatibility Kit 6b User's Guide

For Java Technology Licensees

August 2008
The Technology Compatibility Kit User's Guide for the Java Platform, Standard Edition provides detailed instructions for obtaining, installing, configuring, and using the Java Compatibility Kit 6b.

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+ 1.  Introduction

+ 2.  Procedure for Java SE 6 Technology Certification

+ 3.  Installation

+ 4.  Running JCK 6b Tests

+ 5.  Test-Specific Information

+ 6.  Debugging Test Problems

+ 7.  Workarounds

+ A.  JCK Test Specification

+ B.  Detailed Examples

- C.  Kerberos Key Distribution Center Example Setup

C.1 Setup

C.1.1 Obtaining the Kerberos Software

C.1.1.1 Kerberos Software on CD-ROM

C.1.1.2 Kerberos Software by Download

C.1.1.3 Kerberos Software From Other Vendors

C.1.2 Installing Kerberos Software on a Solaris Platform

To Install Kerberos Software on a Solaris Platform

C.1.3 Adding Kerberos Principals for JCK Testing

To Add Kerberos Principals for JCK Testing

+ D.  JavaTest Harness Tutorial

+ E.  Running a Single Test From Command Line

+ F.  JCK Tools



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