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Collaborating in Community on OpenJDK quality

The OpenJDK is a large and very complex set of technologies.  The products derived from the OpenJDK project are used in computer systems and applications around the world. While those systems usually are run on commercial releases of Java, they are usually derived from the OpenJDK project. Quality improvements in the OpenJDK project should transfer to quality improvements in the commercial products derived from the OpenJDK project.

You can help to achieve our mutually desired goal for high quality Java platforms that enable your Java applications to execute with greater robustness.

Oracle spends a great deal of effort designing, developing, and testing the OpenJDK technologies. Oracle has a wide range of testing activities and test suites which are used to assure quality of the OpenJDK technologies. No matter how comprehensive those efforts are, Oracle does not know details related to specific applications, data, and environments. That knowledge is distributed among application development teams around the world. By sharing that knowledge in a community dedicated to OpenJDK quality we may all benefit from having the JDK and OpenJDK technologies more closely meet all our needs.

The OpenJDK quality team is an opportunity to gather this information to enable more comprehensive testing of the OpenJDK technologies.  It is an opportunity to collectively work together to improve the Java platform quality.

Ways to contribute to OpenJDK quality

Downloading & testing the latest builds The earlier the OpenJDK development team knows about bugs the more quickly they can be fixed.  By testing the early access releases of the JDK or OpenJDK you can determine how well your application will run on the next release, and can give feedback to potential regressions or other critical bugs.
Giving feedback on test plans, specifications, metrics and other quality-related activities

Starting with JDK7 the test specifications for the new features will be published, as they become available. Test specifications are documents containing description of test scenarios used to test the OpenJDK.

Any constructive feedback, criticism, suggestions, etc are welcome. What quality-related activities do you think will improve the OpenJDK platform? Feedback may be posted to the quality team discussion lists.

Are you interested in writing a test specification? Test specifications are the first step to having test coverage in some area of the OpenJDK. We are interested in testing ideas and specifications written by anybody. However please ask first in the quality team discussion lists as there may be unpublished test specifications.

Participating in developing Java platform test suites Take your ideas for improving test coverage a level deeper by contributing test code.
Participating in cataloging or developing Java test tools

Test tools ease the life of both developers and testers. Test tools can automate test execution, can assist analyzing application or platform behavior, can instrument an application or the platform to track other details, can do static analysis to find potential bugs, and more.

On the Javapedia there are some pages dedicated to collecting information about testing Java applications, the Java platform and test tools in general. Through the Javapedia we can help each other know about useful test tools related to either the Java platform or Java applications.

Feel free to visit the Javapedia pages above and add your input.