Testing OpenJDK builds

Ultimately assessing the quality of the Java platform comes down to the question of how well does it run your applications. While Oracle already does extensive testing of the OpenJDK technologies, that extensive testing cannot be complete. Your application has characteristics and environment and other attributes unique to that application, making your application a great test case. Much of the knowledge about Java quality and compatibility problems are in the minds of application developers. By testing the OpenJDK or early access builds you are able to help discover problems early, giving a greater chance for those problems to be addressed.

OpenJDK sources can be downloaded from openjdk.java.net. Download the latest JDK 7 source and binaries from jdk7.java.net. The JDK 7 source snapshots are covered under the Java Research License (JRL) and the associated binaries are covered under a Pre-Release Software Evaluation Agreement.

> Your application contains usage scenarios for which Oracle may or may not be testing. Testing your application against OpenJDK builds or the latest JDK, so long as you report any problems, gives Oracle important compatibility and quality feedback. If you discover a problem, let us know at bugs.sun.com.

It is important to select good tests to run. Please consider running tests that are unlikely to be run by others. While unit tests are available with the Open JDK sources, those tests have already been run by the time you see the Open JDK or JDK builds. Hence it is most useful if you run tests other than the ones Oracle already has. Running your application will directly inform you of any differences in behavior, and those differences may be bugs in the OpenJDK.

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