Frequently Asked Questions

For other questions and answers see the Free and Open Source Java FAQ.

Q: What is the OpenJDK Quality team?

The quality team is a portion of the OpenJDK project focused on quality aspects of the OpenJDK platform. This begins with various forms of testing, test development, and tool development. While quality is a part of every OpenJDK development process, some on the team have this as their primary focus. Quality assessment of software like the OpenJDK platform is itself a challenging software engineering project.

Q: What sort of tests and test suites exist today?

There are four teams producing test suites for the OpenJDK project. These are:

Q: You intend to involve the community in functional test development, and to sponsor test suite development. When will that be?

It is likely to occur within calendar year 2007. More information will be available when it is ready.

Q: How do I contribute functional tests?

This will be done similarly to the rest of the OpenJDK project. It will involve signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA) and following other protocols which are yet to be determined.

Q: I have a test suite I'd like to contribute, what do I do?

Please contact the quality team for more information. It will involve signing the OCA.

Q: In what areas of Java quality will my contribution be most effective?

Some areas of particular interest include:

Q: How would contributions to the OpenJDK affect any commercial Java releases?

The OpenJDK project source code is used as the basis of many commercial products. Improvements in quality made with the OpenJDK project source will, in time, improve the quality of the commercial derivative products.

Q: What do I do when I find a bug?

Report it through If you are uncertain whether you've found a bug the OpenJDK project has several discussion lists to which you can bring your observations.

Q: How do I give you other (non-bug) feedback?

The OpenJDK project has several discussion lists to which you can bring your observations.