OpenJDK Quality Group

The OpenJDK Quality group consists of developers dedicated to assuring the quality of the OpenJDK project.


We all want the Java platform to be robust, performant, stable, and high quality. You can help contribute to quality development, including review and feedback of test specifications and methodologies, test execution, and in the future development of test suites or test tools.

To get started, we recommend you read the following.

Quality process This document discussion various issues surrounding OpenJDK quality. How is quality assured in the OpenJDK project?  How does this affect quality of the commercial JDK releases from Oracle and others? How is the reference implementation certified? Release criteria for OpenJDK.
Articles & white papers Documentation, articles, and other discussion of methodologies, tools, and tips to testing the OpenJDK project
FAQ Frequently asked questions about the OpenJDK quality team, OpenJDK quality, and Java quality