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Packages that use Monitor
sun.jvmstat.monitor Provides classes for monitoring instrumented HotSpot Java Virtual Machines. 
sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor Provides the monitoring implementation classes that utilize the HotSpot PerfData shared memory instrumentation buffer for discovery and monitoring of instrumentation exported by a HotSpot Java Virtual Machine. 

Uses of Monitor in sun.jvmstat.monitor

Subinterfaces of Monitor in sun.jvmstat.monitor
 interface ByteArrayMonitor
          Interface for Monitoring ByteArrayInstrument objects.
 interface IntegerMonitor
          Interface for Monitoring Integer Instrument Objects.
 interface LongMonitor
          Interface for Monitoring LongInstrument objects.
 interface StringMonitor
          Interface for Monitoring StringInstrument objects.

Classes in sun.jvmstat.monitor that implement Monitor
 class AbstractMonitor
          The base class for Instrumentation Monitoring Objects.

Methods in sun.jvmstat.monitor that return Monitor
 Monitor MonitoredVm.findByName(String name)
          Find a named Instrumentation object.

Uses of Monitor in sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor

Classes in sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor that implement Monitor
 class PerfByteArrayMonitor
          Class for monitoring a PerfData Byte Array instrumentation object.
 class PerfIntegerMonitor
          Class for monitoring a PerfData Integer instrument.
 class PerfLongMonitor
          Class for monitoring a PerfData Long instrument.
 class PerfStringConstantMonitor
          Class for monitoring a constant PerfData String instrument.
 class PerfStringMonitor
          Class for monitoring a PerfData String instrument.
 class PerfStringVariableMonitor
          Class for monitoring a variable PerfData String instrument.

Methods in sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor that return Monitor
protected  Monitor PerfDataBufferImpl.findByAlias(String name)
          Find the Monitor object for the named counter by using one of its aliases.
 Monitor PerfDataBufferImpl.findByName(String name)
          Find a named Instrumentation object.
 Monitor AbstractPerfDataBuffer.findByName(String name)
          Find a named Instrumentation object.
 Monitor AbstractMonitoredVm.findByName(String name)
          Find a named Instrumentation object.

Uses of Monitor in sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor.v2_0

Methods in sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor.v2_0 that return Monitor
protected  Monitor PerfDataBuffer.getNextMonitorEntry()
          method to extract the next monitor entry from the instrumentation memory.