JDK Updates: Requesting push approval for fixes

Rule 0

An OpenJDK JDK Updates Author, Committer or Reviewer requesting their fix in a JDK Updates forest MUST label the corresponding master/parent issue with jdk<release>u-fix-request (where <release> denotes the feature release version, e.g. jdk10u-critical-request) in the JDK Bug System.

Rule 1

If the patch from the JDK Project forest does not apply cleanly the fix MUST be codereviewed in public and a public url to that review MUST be provided in the comments of the parent/master bug.

Rule 2

If (and only if) approved the label will be updated to jdk<release>u-fix-yes.

The fix may then be pushed to the active JDK Updates forest.

All relevant updates will be processed via the bug report.

Rule 3

Such bug fix requests should only be made for critical fixes. A guideline is