JDK 8 Updates: Bulk Changes


An example of bulk changes would be an update to a new HotSpot version, security fixes, or updates to JAXP, JAX-WS, or Corba.

Rule 0

A maintainer MAY designate one or more repositories in their forest as open for bulk changes. In that case, the maintainer MUST describe the kind of acceptable bulk changes.

Rule 1

Bulk changes that are submitted for a JDK 8 Update forest along with or after their submission into JDK 8 MAY require additional code review, as determined by the forest's maintainer, the Project Lead or the Technical Lead.

Rule 2

Bulk changes, like any other changes submitted to a JDK 8 Update forest, MUST be approved by the forest's maintainer before they can be pushed.

Rule 3

The submitter MUST make sure there are no build errors on the supported platforms for the release they're working on, and that any included or otherwise applicable tests pass without failures on all relevant platforms.