JDK 8 Updates: Proposing critical 8u fixes for CPU releases


It would be nice if there was a way for OpenJDK 8u Authors, Committers and Reviewers to flag critical fixes that have been integrated into jdk8u-dev for consideration by the Oracle JDK 8u CPU Release Team for inclusion into a CPU release ahead of the release being worked on in jdk8u-dev.

Such a process can be facilitated if one follows the rules outlined below.

Rule 0

An OpenJDK 8u Author, Committer or Reviewer requesting their fix in jdk8u-dev to be considered by the Oracle JDK CPU Release Team for CPU integration SHOULD label the corresponding master/parent issue with 8u-CPU-critical-request in the JDK Bug System.

Rule 1

If (and only if) approved by the Oracle JDK 8u CPU Release Team the label will be updated to 8u-CPU-critical-approved.

They will then ensure that the approved fix gets integrated to an upcoming Oracle JDK 8u CPU release.

All relevant updates will be processed via the bug report.

Rule 2

Such bug fix requests should only be made for critical fixes. A guideline is