JDK 8 Updates: Rampdown Phase 2 Process Description

Rampdown Phase 2 (RDP2) is used to describe the time during which a particular jdk8u release enters stabilization mode. Timelines are communicated on the jdk8u-dev@openjdk.java.net mailing list when this occurs.

Only critical bug fixes should be considered as candidates for integration post RDP2. Examples may include regressions or serious functionality issues. A maintainer must coordinate with the appropriate stakeholders to determine whether a fix is suitable. In order to facilitate this you MUST either edit the bug in the bug database or work with a maintainer directly. In the latter case please provide the maintainer with the following:

A fix with RDP2 approval must be pushed to 8u-dev by the requesting engineer (or sponsor). The maintainers are responsible for ensuring that the fix is included in the appropriate release.

In addition to the above, a phase 2 push approval request also needs to be filed. See the phase 2 template.

Note that the 8u-dev forest remains open for fixes during RDP2. Fixes to the 8u-dev forest follow the normal approval template process.