JDK 8 Updates: Phase2 Process Description

Phase2 is used to describe the time during which a particular jdk8u release enters stabilization mode. A dedicated (stabilization) jdk8u$N forest is created from the jdk8u forest. Timelines are communicated on the jdk8u-dev@openjdk.java.net mailing list when this occurs.

Only critical bug fixes should be considered as candidates for integration into a stabilization forest. Examples may include regressions or serious functionality issues. To enable a maintainer to coordinate with all appropriate stake holders in order to ensure that a fix is appropriate for a stabilization forest, you MUST either use an appropriate mechanism to inform the appropriate stake holders of your critical fix approval request, e.g. by editing the bug in the bug database, or by working with a maintainer directly - in that case, please provide the maintainer with the following:

Fixes approved for a stabilization forest must be pushed to the always open code line by the requesting engineer (or sponsor). Only the maintainer should integrate fixes into the stabilization forest. Fixes cannot be integrated to a stabilization forest without receiving approval for such a "critical fix approval" request.

In conjunction with above, a phase2 push approval request also needs to be filed. See the phase2 template for more information on that.

Note that the regular 8u-dev forest remains open for fixes during the same timeframe for when a stabilization forest is open. Fixes to the regular 8u-dev forest follow the normal approval template process.