JDK 8u60

Information and schedules specific to OpenJDK 8u60 release


General bug fixes to improve and enhance the OpenJDK 8u releases.


Schedules are preliminary and subject to change.

Best efforts are made to keep this page updated with most recent information. Only critical fixes will be considered for integration in the weeks leading up to the GA milestone.

The code freeze dates are usually 1 week before the milestone. Exact dates and a heads up will be sent to the mailing list when a milestone is approaching.

December 2014 8u-dev forests begin collecting 8u60 fixes
March 2015 Feature Complete
May 2015 Rampdown 1
June 2015 RampDown 2 Fork for the stabilization forests
18th August 2015 GA

Refer to the JDK 8 milestones definition page for a summary of what each milestone consists of.

Comments and questions to: jdk8u-dev

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