JDK 9 Feature-Complete Extension Request Process

Requesting an extension

If you own a JEP or a small enhancement that is not yet complete then you can request an FC extension as follows: Update the JBS issue to add a comment whose first line is "FC Extension Request". In that comment describe the remaining work to be done, the risk level, a brief justification, and your best estimate of the date by which the feature will be complete. Add the label jdk9-fc-request to the issue.

If you own a JEP that's targeted to JDK 9, but won't make it, then please propose to drop it; this will move the JEP back to the Candidate state unless there are strong objections.

If you own a small enhancement whose fix version is 9, but won't make it, then please clear the fix-version field.

Reviewing extension requests

The Area Leads, relevant Group and Project Leads, and the JDK 9 Project Lead will review pending extension requests on a regular basis, at least weekly if not more often. One of us will take one of the following actions:

JBS query for pending requests: http://j.mp/jdk9-fc-pending

Responding to actions taken on your request

Notes on JEPs

Area, Group, & Project Leads

The Area Leads are Mikael Vidstedt (VM) and Brian Goetz (Language & Libraries). The relevant Group Leads are as follows, per the Census:

Sergey Bylokhov AWT
Tim Bell Build
Jonathan Gibbons Compiler
Alan Bateman Core Libraries
Vladimir Kozlov HotSpot
Masayoshi Okutsu Internationalization
Michael McMahon Networking
Kevin Rushforth OpenJFX
Dalibor Topic Porters
Sean Mullan Security
Staffan Larsen Serviceability
Alexander Scherbatiy Swing
Phil Race 2D Graphics & Sound
Last update: 2016/6/23 18:21 UTC