Project Lambda

JSR 335 (Lambda Expressions for the JavaTM Programming Language) aims to support programming in a multicore environment by adding closures and related features to the Java language. These are described in State of the Lambda and State of the Lambda, Libraries Edition.

JSR 335 is part of JSR 337 (Java SE 8). The Early Draft Review #3 of JSR 335 has been published.

The goal of OpenJDK Project Lambda is to host a prototype implementation of JSR 335 suitable for inclusion in JDK 8, the Reference Implementation of Java SE 8. The prototype implementation is discussed on the lambda-dev mailing list.

The prototype compiler is being implemented in OpenJDK.

Maurice Naftalin has written a set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Lambda.

This Project is sponsored by the Compiler Group.

IDE Support

IDEs are gaining some support for Lambda.

Working documents

Older documents