OpenJFX Project

OpenJFX is the open source home of JavaFX development. The goal of OpenJFX is to build the next-generation Java client toolkit. The project intends to file a JSR in the Java SE 9 timeframe and hopes to eventually be part of the JDK proper.

This Project is sponsored by the Swing Group.


The JavaFX toolkit evolved from the F3 project at Sun. Initial releases were based around the JavaFX scripting language, however, in 2011 the toolkit was completely rewritten in Java and released by Oracle as JavaFX 2.0. In October 2011 Oracle announced that it would donate the JavaFX toolkit to the open source community and by November 2011 the OpenJDK Community had agreed to take it on.


The Project is currently focused on absorbing the existing code base from Oracle and building a functioning community around it. Oracle's code will be donated in phases with the initial piece being the UI Controls classes. Further sub-systems are expected in the coming months.


Last update: 2013/2/7