OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop

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1–2 August 2018
Oracle Auditorium
Santa Clara, California, USA

OpenJDK Committers and other regular contributors traditionally meet each February, at FOSDEM in Brussels. Now that we’re shipping a new JDK every six months, it’s high time that we try to meet more than once a year.

To fill that need, at least for this year, Oracle will host an OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop on the first two days of August, immediately after the JVM Language Summit at Oracle’s campus in Santa Clara, California, USA.

The Workshop will begin with a few prepared presentations on the state of the OpenJDK Community and the JDK technical roadmap, but most of the time will be an “unconference” for the discussion of both technical and community issues. To propose a session that you’d like to lead, or to express your interest in a topic that you’d like someone else to address, please see below.

Space will be limited, just as at the JVM Language Summit, so this won’t be as broad a gathering as the FOSDEM Free Java meeting. Preference will be given to Committers with a strong record of past contributions, though some space will be made for new Committers who have a strong potential for ongoing future contributions.


The Workshop uses the same registration system as the JVM Language Summit, at Registration is open now.

Please do not register as a Speaker for OCW. It’s mostly an unconference, with session leaders rather than speakers, and we won’t know who the session leaders are in advance.

The OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop is immediately after JVMLS, but it’s not part of JVMLS. When you register for the Workshop you’ll have the option to attend JVMLS also, if you wish. There will be no additional fee.

If you already registered for JVMLS and you wish to attend the Workshop, please visit the registration page and update your existing registration to indicate your interest in the Workshop.

For questions about the registration process, please contact


The cost of traveling to California can be prohibitive for some potential attendees, so Oracle will offer a limited number of scholarships to help defray that cost. The conference fee for scholarship recipients will also be waived. To apply for a scholarship, send an e-mail describing your past and potential future contributions to the OpenJDK Community together with a rough estimate of your travel expenses to


Most of the Workshop’s time will be organized as an unconference.

Sessions will be of two possible lengths, short (20–30 minutes) and long (45–60m); we’ll determine the exact length once we see how many proposals are made.

If you’d like to lead a session on a specific topic, please send a message to the workshop-discuss list with a subject line that starts with “Workshop proposal:”. Include a clearly-marked title, abstract, length (short or long), brief biography (or link to same), and blog and microblog links if relevant. We’ll collect these into a convenient table for all to view.

A session may include a prepared presentation, or it may just be free-form discussion, or anything in between—it’s all up to you and those who show up. If you start with a prepared presentation, though, please make sure to leave ample time for questions and discussion.

The very first unconference session will be devoted to deciding the agenda for the rest of the unconference. Additional, last-minute session proposals may be made at that time.

If there’s a topic that you’d like to discuss, or just hear more about, but you’re not willing lead a session on it, then please send a note describing the topic to the workshop-discuss list with a subject line that starts with “Workshop topic:”. Give your topic a name, describe it, and be sure to include one or more questions that you’d expect session participants to address. Such expressions of interest could motivate other people to propose relevant sessions. We’ll also collect these into a summary table.

The unconference sessions will not be recorded.


The Workshop is organized by:

Andrew Haley (Red Hat)
Doug Lea (SUNY Oswego)
Liam Miller-Cushon (Google)
Mark Reinhold (Oracle)
Dalibor Topic (Oracle)
Johan Vos (Gluon)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Send a note to, the general mailing list for anyone interested in the Workshop. (Make sure to subscribe to the list before you post to it, otherwise your message will be rejected as spam.)