OpenJDK NetBeans Project Group


This group consisted of developers interested in and helping develop the mechanisms used for building OpenJDK using NetBeans. It didn't continue to operate after the transition to OpenJDK Bylaws in 2011. Please visit the IDE Tooling & Support Group for a more general alternative.

Working on OpenJDK using NetBeans

The OpenJDK source distribution includes NetBeans projects and accompanying ant build scripts for working on the JDK. Each project focuses on a particular area of the JDK, such as the javac compiler or the Swing user interface components. In general, the projects support the expected kinds of things you'd do in NetBeans with any other body of code: editing, testing, debugging, and so on.

In the OpenJDK source bundle and Subversion repository, the NetBeans project files are under these directories:

<install-dir>/j2se/make/netbeans <install-dir>/langtools/make/netbeans

In those directories you'll find a README file, as well as per-project directories. That top-level README describes what you need to get started, briefly describes each project, and includes instructions on creating your own NetBeans project, so you can use NetBeans to work on whatever area of the JDK that interests you most.

NetBeans Versions

The NetBeans projects under the j2se directory require new features in NetBeans 6.0. That version of NetBeans is available at NetBeans IDE 6.0 Beta 1. To work on OpenJDK, you'll need only the Java SE version. The NetBeans projects provided under the langtools directory will work with either NetBeans 5.5 or 6.0.


As noted above, the main documentation is in the make/netbeans/README files Each project also has its own README file. These sites will also be helpful: