JEP 381: Remove the Solaris and SPARC Ports

OwnerMikael Vidstedt
StatusClosed / Delivered
Discussionjdk dash dev at openjdk dot java dot net
Relates toJEP 362: Deprecate the Solaris and SPARC Ports
Reviewed byAlan Bateman, Bradford Wetmore, Dalibor Topic, Daniel Daugherty, David Holmes, Kim Barrett, Sean Mullan, Stuart Marks
Endorsed byMark Reinhold
Created2020/03/28 01:22
Updated2020/06/19 05:37


Remove the source code and build support for the Solaris/SPARC, Solaris/x64, and Linux/SPARC ports. These ports were deprecated for removal in JDK 14 with the express intent to remove them in a future release.



It is not a goal of this JEP to change the status of the affected ports in any prior release. The earliest release to which this JEP could be targeted is JDK 15.


Many projects and features currently in development such as Valhalla, Loom, and Panama require significant changes to CPU-architecture and operating-system specific code. Dropping support for the Solaris and SPARC ports will enable contributors in the OpenJDK Community to accelerate the development of new features that will move the platform forward.


We will remove or adjust all of the Solaris- and SPARC-related code, build-system logic, and documentation.


Standard testing on other platforms will ensure the correctness of changes to common and shared files.

Risks and Assumptions

Removing support for Solaris or SPARC could affect other in-tree ports in the very unlikely case that they rely on Solaris or SPARC source code.