jtreg: Additional Resources

The following is a list of pages containing additional information about jtreg.

Adopt OpenJDK jtreg page

Adopt OpenJDK instructions for building and using jtreg

How to build JTReg in Eclipse (for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)

Adopt OpenJDK instructions for building jtreg, using Eclipse and Ant.

Regression Test Harness and Hudson Continuous Integration System

A guide to using Hudson to monitor test results over time.

Running tests

How tests are run to generate the published JDK 8 Early Access Build Test Results.

Guidelines for tests in the langtools repository

A set of guidelines for writing tests for the OpenJDK langtools/ repositories.



A general introduction to jtreg.

jtreg Tutorial

A tutorial on writing and running jtreg tests

The Many JVMs of jtreg (also available with speaker notes.)

A guide to understanding the JVMs created during a test run and how command line options can affect them.

Blog entries

The following series of blog entries provide a virtual release log for jtreg.
wwwww.jtreg: The Who What Where When Why of jtreg, November 2006

A brief introduction of how jtreg came to be.

Way to go, JT Harness, November 2006

JT Harness is open sourced.

jtharness vs jtreg, May 2008

An explanation of the relationship between JT Harness and jtreg

OpenJDK Regression Test Harness (jtreg) - open source , May 2008

jtreg is open sourced.

jtreg update, October 2008

A list of the bug fixes and new features in jtreg 4.0 b02, including XML reporting.

Minor updates for jtreg, July 2009

A list of the bug fixes in jtreg 4.0 b03.

jtreg 4.1, May 2010

An introduction to the new features introduced in jtreg 4.1, including agentvm mode, support for separate compilation, and more.

jtreg: old and new, May 2010

An explanation of agentvm mode, and how it compares to the earlier samevm and othervm modes.

jtreg update, 2011, July 2011

An introduction to the new features introduced in jtreg 4.1 b04, including concurrent test execution, more details in .jtr files, and direct support for the jdk ProblemList.txt file.

jtreg update, December 2012

An introduction to the new features introduced in jtreg 4.1 b05, including TestNG support and improved support for the @library tag.

Related sites

jtreg wiki

OpenJDK wiki pages for jtreg.

jtreg code-tools project

Home page for jtreg developers and friends.


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