BuildLogFilter filters out the informative/chatty messages from a standard (new) JDK build log, leaving any diagnostic messages that need to be addressed.

The related program BuildLogWarnSummary specifically focusses on analyzing lines containing the word ‘warning’, which means that it may miss some important messages. Since the new build log is supposed to be relatively quiet when all is good, this program filters out the “expected” messages, thus highlighting the remaining “unexpected” messages.

BuildLogFilter can write an XML file for use with the Plot Plugin for Hudson or Jenkins, to facilitate displaying a trend graph of the number of diagnostic messages in recent builds.


  java -jar buildLogFilter.jar options... logfile


-q --quiet Do not show the filtered log file; just show the line count stats
-xml file Write results into an XML file, suitable for use with the Hudson/Jenkins Plot Plugin.
logfile logfile from JDK build at default log level