Code Tools : JMH JDK Microbenchmarks

The JMH JDK Microbenchmarks is a collection of microbenchmarks for measuring the performance of the JDK API and JVM features using the JMH framework.

Building and running the project

The project consists of sub-projects depending on JDK version starting with JDK 8 and later. This is a Maven project and is built by:

$ mvn clean install

After building, the executable uber jar is micros-uber/target/micros-uberpackage-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar Run the benchmarks with:

$ java -jar micros-uber/target/micros-uberpackage-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar [optional jmh parameters]

See the entire list of benchmarks using:

$ java -jar micros-uber/target/micros-uberpackage-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -l [optional regex to select benchmarks]