OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop

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4 February 2019
Location TBD
Brussels, Belgium

OpenJDK Committers and other regular contributors traditionally meet each February, in the Free Java devroom at FOSDEM in Brussels. The Free Java room runs for just one day, however, so there’s not a lot of time for the focused discussions amongst OpenJDK contributors that many of us enjoyed at the first Workshop in Santa Clara, California last August.

We therefore plan to hold a one-day OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop on Monday, 4 February, the day after FOSDEM. This time there won’t be any prepared presentations, since presumably those will have been presented during FOSDEM. We’ll instead run the entire day as an unconference, with plenty of time to discuss both technical and community issues.

The precise location is yet to be determined but it will be in Brussels, so as to be convenient for those attending FOSDEM. There will likely be a modest attendance fee to cover costs.

Space may be limited, depending upon the venue. If that turns out to be the case then preference will be given to Committers with a strong record of past contributions, though some space will be made for new Committers who have a strong potential for ongoing future contributions.


Most of the Workshop’s time will be organized as an unconference.

Sessions will be of two possible lengths, short (20–30 minutes) and long (45–60m); we’ll determine the exact length once we see how many proposals are made.

The very first unconference session will be devoted to deciding the agenda for the rest of the unconference. Additional session proposals may be made at that time.

The unconference sessions will not be recorded.

To help organize things at least a little bit in advance, we’re collecting both proposals for specific sessions and suggestions of specific topics.

If you’d like to lead a session on a specific topic, please send a message to the workshop-discuss list with a subject line that starts with “Workshop proposal:”. Include a clearly-marked title, abstract, length (short or long), brief biography (or link to same), and blog and microblog links if relevant. We’ll add your proposal to the above list.

A session may include a prepared presentation, or it may just be free-form discussion, or anything in between—it’s all up to you and those who show up. If you start with a prepared presentation, though, please make sure to leave ample time for questions and discussion.

If there’s a topic that you’d like to discuss, or just hear more about, but you’re not willing lead a session on it, then please send a note describing the topic to the workshop-discuss list with a subject line that starts with “Workshop topic:”. Give your topic a name, describe it, and be sure to include one or more questions that you’d expect session participants to address. Such expressions of interest could motivate other people to propose relevant sessions.


The Workshop is organized by:

Andrew Haley (Red Hat)
Doug Lea (SUNY Oswego)
Liam Miller-Cushon (Google)
Mark Reinhold (Oracle)
Dalibor Topic (Oracle)
Johan Vos (Gluon)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Send a note to, the general mailing list for anyone interested in the Workshop. (Make sure to subscribe to the list before you post to it, otherwise your message will be rejected as spam.)